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Audio Tutorials

Site Map: Audio
IntroIntroduction to Audio
The basics of sound theory, sound equipment and audio work.
Audio ConnectorsConnections
Audio cables and connectors, wiring instructions, etc.
Balanced Audio TechnologyBalanced Audio
How balanced audio works and how to use it in your systems.
MicrophonesHow Microphones Work
Basic microphone technology, examples of common types, characteristics, etc.
How to Use a MicrophoneUsing Microphones
How to choose the correct microphone and use it properly.
Audio Mixing DeskSound Mixers
An introduction to sound mixers, from small portable units to studio consoles.
Sound ProcessingSound Quality
Controlling sound levels and quality.
Audio NoiseNoise Types & Colours
White noise, pink noise, etc.
SequencersAudio Sequencing
Workshop for beginners.

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